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Inflatable boat Assembly Instruction
2019/4/3 16:26:16

1. Unfold the Hull

Clear a flat space (making sure it is clean and free of sharp objects) and unfold your boat. Remove the hull from its box and take it out of the boat bag. Unroll the hull so it laid out flat.

2. Inflate slightly

The Transom Boats can be inflated either with our high pressure foot pump or with other Electric pump. The Electric pump can inflate the boats to a moderate pressure and save a lot of time, but all of these boats will need to be finished off with the high pressure foot pump. Inflate the three hull chambers to approximately 30% full in order to make floorboard insertion easier.

Note : Use only our pumps to inflate your boat. Do not use an air compressor. Damage to your boat caused by over inflation from an air compressor is not covered by your warranty.

3. Floorboard Assembly

   a. Seabon model

      a-1. Place floorboard No.1 at bow part, No.4 at transom part, and No.2 + No.3

      * Make sure that keel valve is located at the center of No.1 boards hole.

      a-2. Press down No.2 + No.3 at the same time to be jointed well and flatly.

   b. Armada & Rescue model :

      b-1. Place floorboard as follows :

           - 5 Floorboards : Bow board, No.1, No.4, and No.2 + No.3.

           - 6 Floorboards : Bow board, No.1, 2, 5  and No.3 + No.4.

      * Make sure that keel valve is located at the center of No.2 boards hole.

      b-2. Press down No.2 + No.3 at the same time for 5 floorboards boat and No.3 + No.4 at

           the same time for 6 floorboards boat to be jointed well and flatly.

   c. Stringers

      Insert stringers into side edges of floorboards.

      * For easy fitting of stringers, place oar under boat hull.

  Note : Somewhat hard to assemble at the first time, but after two or three times of using a boat, it will be easier

to assemble.

  Note : Dont do this with bare feet, and keep your fingers and toes out of the way so that you dont get pinched.

   d. SE model (Plastic floorboard) :

      All the SE models have four plastic floorboards, numbered FB-1 through FB-4.

      d-1. FB-1 and FB-2 :

Locate the FB-1 and FB-2 floorboards as well as the Uplift Connector bars (see diagram below) FB-1

and FB-2 join at a slight up angle. The Uplift Connectors Bar keep the two floorboards at this angle.


Slide FB-1 and FB-2 together as shown above. Hook the Uplift Connector Bar into the FB-2

floorboard, and use a moderate pressure on the FB-1 to pull it into position so that the Uplift

Connector Bar will hold both boards snugly together. Repeat with the other Uplift Connector Bar. Slide

the assembled boards into the bow of the boat. The SE290N does not have a FB-2 floorboard or Uplift

Connector Bars. Simply insert the FB-1 into the bow of the boat.

      d-2. FB-4 Rear Floorboard

The FB-4 is the rearmost floorboard which has a smooth rear edge and interlocking grooves on the

front edge. Place FB-4 at the rear of the hull and slide under the

           transom lip. Sit in the hull and force the FB-4 under the transom lip with your feet.

      d-3. FB-3 - Please note, FB-3 comes small & large sizes (FB-3S & FB-3L).

           The last floorboard to be inserted is FB-3. Insert FB-3 so it meshes with FB-4 at the

           stern of the boat and overlaps FB-2(or, in the case of the SE290N, the FB-1). Lift the

           ends of FB-2 (or FB-1) and FB-3 and connect the floorboards forming an inverted "V".

           Step down on the joint. (see above diagram) The boards will snap into place.

      d-4. Stringers

           All the SE models have two side stringers on each side for a total of 4. These sturdy

           aluminum parts serve to strengthen the structure of the boat and keep the floorboards

           tight. Insert the smaller of the two side stringers first at the bow of the boat. Use a

           rolling motion to put the stringers in place.

   e. Air-deck model :

e-1. Put and flat the air-deck floor in the boat. Especially pay your attention to insert the edge of air-deck

floor into between the floor and inside of the tube.

      e-2. Place the keel valve fit to the hole of the air-deck floor.

      e-3. Firstly, inflate the air-deck floor tightly up to 6psi.

      e-4. And inflate the keel until the air-deck floor is straightened out well. You may need to

           step on the air-deck floor to make it straight.  

4. Wooden Seat

Inflate the rear chambers to 90% of their inflated size and hook the metal flanges at the bottom of the wooden seat into the nylon straps on your Transom Boat.

5. Finish inflation

Inflate all hull chambers to 100%, or 3.6psi. Using our high pressure pump, this air pressure will be generated by applying about 130lbs. of force to the pump. For the model having inflatable keel, inflate the keel to 80% of max pressure.

Note : The model having inflatable keel will plane better when the keel is 80% inflated.

6. Deflation

Remove the outer valve caps to expose the yellow plastic stem on the inner valve. Pressing the yellow stem into release air pressure, and turn it to lock the valve in the open position. Deflate each hull chamber to 50-75% before completely deflating any of the air chambers. Remove the floorboards by first removing the side stringers. Remove and disassemble floorboards next.

Note : Do not deflate one chamber fully while others are fully inflated. This could damage the bulkheads of your boat.

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