Qingdao Haohai Boat Co., Ltd, locates in Laixi City,it is 60km away from Qingdao Liuting airport and 120km from Qingdao Port.

We are engaged in rigid inflatable boat manufacturing since 2011 year with more than 10 years experience. Up to now, our main products include RIB boats, inflatable boat, rigid inflatable boat, boat tender, yacht tender, boat dinghy, yacht dinghy, sports inflatable boats,rescue boat, river rafts, fishing boats, banana boats, flyfish boats, high speed boats, surfboard,water sport boat and so on. Our products capacity reach 30000 sets per year.

Every year we design many new models of RIB boats, with more than 50 sets moulds up to now.

We passed CE certification test and achieved CE certification issued by italian IG.

RIB boats, inflatable boat, rigid inflatable boat, boat tender, yacht tender, boat dinghy


RIB boat

A rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) or rigid-inflatable boat (RIB) is a lightweight but high-performance and high-capacity boat constructed with a solid, shaped hull and flexible tubes at the gunwale.

1. RIB boats cut through the water easily making the ride that much smoother and less bumpy – even in rough conditions.

2. RIB boat hull structure adds support and allows for more powerful motors since the transom is usually made of solid, rigid material.

3. A RIB is very difficult to capsize and the rigid construction makes it very stable at high speeds. It will also remain afloat even if the hull is flooded.
4. The RIB can be used in all types of water, right from calm dams through to rough open seas.
5. RIBs offer a variety of uses which range from leisure boating activities such as fishing and diving to commercial uses such as tenders, sea rescue boats and life boats.
6. RIBs solid floors provide excellent stability for passengers.
7. RIBs generally are easily manoeuvred and the modern RIB responds to changes in motion and direction very quickly compared to other types of boats.
8. RIBs are almost totally resistant to low-impact collisions. This is due to the separate tube chambers that negate the impact. Most RIBs have a pressure release valve which prevents the dangerous increase of pressure rupturing the tubes.
9. The deep V-hull designs of the RIB allows for excellent hydroplaning and in the more modern RIB V-hulls where the hull flattens out to the rear of the boat, it adds to the stability of the ride when on the plane.
10. The bigger RIBs often come with wheelhouses and cabins that safeguard the navigational equipment and provide areas of rest for the crew.


Inflatable boat

Inflatable Sport Boat is incredibly portable and easy to assemble,unfold and blow up.

Inflatable Sport Boats can be propelled manually or motorized. Compatible with either 2 or 4 stroke motors; 15″ short shaft outboards (recommended) and 20″ long shaft. All Inflatable Sport Boats have been CE approved. In addition, all boats are registered and include the proper paperwork for boat registration in owners manual. Each boat has it’s own unique HIN number for registration and warranty purposes.

Tags: inflatable sport boat, inflatable boat, inflatable dinghy, inflatable zodiac boat, portable boat, yacht tender, inflatable tender, sail boat tender, yacht dinghy, dinghy boat, inflatable fishing boat, fishing boat, fishing dinghy Inflatable Sport Boats have a multifaceted purpose in both fresh and saltwater environments. These inflatable dinghy tender sport boats are built tough for rough ocean water, emergency situations, tendering, fishing, or on a calm pond. Regardless of how you use your dinghy, you can rely on the quality and durability of your Inflatable Sport Boat. We stand behind the quality of our Sport Boats and guarantee our 3 year warranty.



Come with modern construction, lightweight material, and conveniently foldable design, the inflatable kayaks become one of the most popular choices when people intend to go out for a river paddling, whitewater rafting, and even fishing.


3-layer material for better puncture resistance Compact and foldable Adjustable cushioned seat for better comfort during hours sitting on the kayak

Assemble quickly – less than 5 minutes Lightweight, portable and durable

The seat is also an easy-to-carry backpack system when not in use Affordable price Secure storage Easy to inflate or deflate thanks to the Double Lock valves Dry out quickly Easy to pack and spacious weight capacity Decently responsive maneuvering: paddle backward and forward or through rough rapids easily.


River Raft

Inflatable boats and rafts are designed for both experienced paddlers to take on rapids and for multi-day trips with the whole family or a set of friends. These boats are robust, durable and safe. We have equipped them with a self-bailing bottom and many safety elements. We recommend using a buoyancy aid, helmet and suitable clothing.

Our River Boat are made of 1100 Denier Korean PVC fabric with polyester support that has excellent resistance to tearing, tension and breaking.

These are the most common types of inflatable rafts:
Whitewater rafting inflatable rafts
Life Rafts

Small inflatable rafts for kids


Banana boat

A banana boat (or water sled), is an unpowered, inflatable recreational boat meant to be towed. Different models usually accommodate three to ten riders sitting on a larger, main tube and resting their feet on two laterally flanking tubes which stabilize the boat. The main tube is often yellow and banana-shaped.

Banana boats are great sources of recreational fun on the water. They are sometimes referred to as water sleds because of their large holding capacity. Banana boats are unpowered long inflatable boats that are designed to be towed by a larger boat. The passenger riders sit next to one another on the towable tube.

On all Banana boats, support is given by two smaller inflatable tubes which serve as footrests and a source of balance. The excitement of the ride is heightened by increasing the speed and rate of turn of the speedboat. We feature a large selection of Banana Boats in all sizes from 3 person inflatable boats to the 12 person boats.

The advantages of our banana boat:

1.The banana boat series are the most compact and economical boats produced in their category and size range 2..more competitive pricing and customized design. 3.Each banana boat is made by hand, one at a time. 4.every model is tough, durable and hand-crafted manufacturing process that stands up to the toughest environment nature throws on our way 5.Out-most skilled manufacturing specialists and a top-notch, quality control system are combined to provide the best guarantees and highest level of quality. 6.Less package size to save freight 7.take you where you want to go … fast! 8.Stability you won’t find in other boats


High Speed Boat

A Zapcat is a catamaran inflatable racing boat. As Zapcat is used commonly to refer to these types of boats, Zapcat officially is the specific brandname from Gemini Marine. Other common names of this type of boat are Pencil Ducks or Thundercats.

Due to their shock absorbing tunnel hull design, a Zapcat is a very stable inflatable, capable of handling extreme rough seas and large surf.

With the boat only weighing less than 150 kgs including a 50 hp outboard engine, the Zapcat can easily be trailered or even carried by two persons.

Zapcats originally are built for racing, but it is also an excellent boat for thrill seekers and it will give you hours of adrenaline and fun! Optimal when equipped with a 50 hp Yamaha or Tohatsu 2-stroke engine.

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